Producing leather clothing and shearling outerwear for luxury brands since 30 years.

In 1989 Anna Carlassara and Sergio Pigato, thanks to their professionalism and experience, founded a company that, in 2008, became STYLAB: a reality specialized in design and production of leather and shearling clothing for man and woman of the highest quality level.

Here, industry and handcraft, great experience and “handmade” abilities, make possible the production of prestigious garments for luxury markets.

Stylab is established on an area of about 3000 in Pianezze (VI). It counts about 80 fully dedicated employees, and cooperates with several strictly involved factories.


Stylab can count on a pluriannual experienced team, and its organization give the possibility to follow up customers about collection project developements until sample collections shows. Besides, production process can garantee a high quality level.

Culture & Innovation

Stylab is a completely Italian company, where handcraft is preserved, and the “man’s hand” is the focus.

Here, a perfect balance between handcraft and industry can be found. Technology is only an instrument, not an aim. Handcraft, deep experience and tailoring abilities can express the real spirit of the brand so that each produced style can leave a mark in the fashion world.

Take care of each detail as suggested by tradition, and follow up step by step the development of styles, is our way to work in order to give to garments the right uniqueness.